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Optimizing your website is an important ingredient in not only generating new business, but it is also an essential step in getting ranked in Google. Below are steps you should take to make sure your website is optimized to take full advantage of SEO as well as generating future business.   You might be asking yourself, what is search engine optimization? Search engine optimization is improving your website so that when someone does a search in Google, Bing, or other popular search engines, your website is a top return. It makes your website more accessible and improves the number of clients who see, and therefore, visit it. Search engine optimization is a great way to help your business grow.   A lot of skills, creative and technical knowledge, and apt market understanding is needed for Website Optimization. You can bank upon 6 Degrees Social for your website optimization. We are in complete sync with the latest tools and technologies required for website optimization. Why do I think that On-page optimization is the key?   The goal of off-page optimization is inbound links. Now if you do on-page optimization very well, there are so many eager webmasters that want to exchange links with you.   On-page optimization is important because you should try to write relevant text to a topic and make a trustworthy and valid website for search engines. If you design a quality website and do on-page optimization well, many websites link to your site for free.   Optimization Those results are there simply by a combination of several mathematical formulas including On-Page Optimization. If you want to maintain a successful web presence you need our on-page optimization services. Many website owners need just a bit of On-Page Optimization, some need more such as directory submissions and links. You can have a rich site and rank great, it’s all about the methods you use to achieve the best possible On-page Optimization you can.   These are the basic search engine optimization on-page techniques and should be used on all of your web pages. In addition to on-page search engine optimization, you should also be doing extensive linking and off-page optimization techniques.   Beyond the actual content on your website, you need to pay attention to the domain name or URL that is associated with your website. Search engines assign significant value to a domain name if that domain name includes the keywords that are utilized in a particular search engine search.   The next essential feature of on-page search engine optimization is site navigation. Website navigation is an extremely important feature that keeps the user looped to the site. If the navigation of the site is not appealing to the user, they will not stay for long on your website and will soon exit out. In order to avoid this from happening, it is important that you check the navigation of your thoroughly.   Web pages should contain internal links as well as external links that make your website attractive. You can add keywords in external links. SEO is an essential tool to get benefits from web traffic.   Would you rather have $1000 in sales or $2000 in sales? The choice is yours and quite simply stated with the use of off-page optimization you can reach those goals. By ensuring that your site is linked properly to and from other sites, that you have the best sites linked to you, and that you provide adequate keywords to assist in your searches, you will double what you seek from your website.   Off-page optimization is a necessity if you ask me. I wouldn’t have a webpage without perfecting it! With everything on the Internet, as large as it is, why risk being left behind? Join everyone else; learn more to off-page optimize your website!   ABOUT 6 Degrees Social: 6 Degrees Social is an SEO | Social Media agency, has been together & working in the online digital marketing industry since 1999… & the principals have over 60 years of combined experience & success. Our specialty is centered around driving traffic for our clients through internet presence & engagement. Our firm specializes in local & national SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for high Google rankings & build-out of Social Media campaigns to generate confidence and authority for your product or services. We prefer to begin by designing your web presence from scratch to ensure a solid foundation, however we will also work with existing content, creating momentum & engagement from there.   Call Us Today for more information: 262-951-1882