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SEO Search Engine Optimization: Part 2

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SEO / Search Engine Optimization 101 Basics As defined earlier, the main goal of SEO is to maximize the number of visitors a website gets through search engines, by obtaining spots on the search engine results page higher than your competitors and optimizing the click-through rate (CTR) for better conversions of new clients.   FACT: SEO is one of the most affordable online marketing methods to generate traffic. FACT: SEO is the most effective way to compete locally against bigger competition FACT: Google & Facebook have platforms that cater to smaller businesses in their rankings (Google My Business & Facebook Local Search).   One of the strongest benefits of a complete SEO campaign is that it has the ability to sustain continued growth, & track results / ROI with effective analytic software such as Google Analytics or Adobe’s Marketing Cloud just to name a few. If you use the Streamline Advertising Group system, our dashboard will track the effectiveness of your SEO as well as provide you with analytics for future marketing investments.   Maximizing your company’s online presence involves many different techniques and strategies. However, with any marketing campaign, focus on your target client and your company’s goal is essential before you formulate a blueprint for success.   So… when creating an SEO strategy as a small business; remember that you have the advantage! The goal of all search engines is to provide the user (your future client) the most relevant results to their queries— and these search engines have thousands of mathematical computer algorithms built in to assure accuracy.   Internet search engine algorithms take in every possible factor when offering a searcher with results. As a small business, you are able to supplement that formula with specific details that your industry rivals either do not have or pick not to use.   One of the greatest advantages small businesses have is their actual physical place and proximity to searcher, offering them more relevancy & higher ranking factors in regional search engine results.   Local search is a targeted kind of SEO that drives consumers to regional businesses, such as restaurants, dentists, plumbers, law offices, etc… Small local businesses that have a presence in the scope of a search request.   Making use of regional SEO will definitely increase your client traffic due to the fact that you will be in front of the searcher as they go through their buying cycle in determining who to contact for the next step on making a decision:   How-to Guide Your Clients Journey through Your Front Door:
  • 51% of local search engine result in a shop visit
  • 29% of regional searches result in an in-store purchase
  • 91% of searchers say they constantly locate exactly what they need on an internet search engine
  ABOUT 6 Degrees Social:   6 Degrees Social is an SEO | Social Media agency, has been together & working in the online digital marketing industry since 1999… & the principals have over 60 years of combined experience & success. Our specialty is centered around driving traffic for our clients through internet presence & engagement.   Our firm specializes in local & national SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for high Google rankings & build-out of Social Media campaigns to generate confidence and authority for your product or services. We prefer to begin by designing your web presence from scratch to ensure a solid foundation, however, we will also work with existing content, creating momentum & engagement from there.   Call Us Today for more information: 262-951-1882