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Basic Link Building Strategies for SEO & Google Rankings

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The first question to address is what link building is. Most of us understand that search engines crawl websites. Links are the streets between each page connecting with one another. An analysis from the search engines can discover how the pages are related to each other. In other words, relevancy can make a huge impact on the links one is obtaining.
  Since the late 1990s, links have represented the importance and popularity of one website over another. The search engines have developed an algorithm to determine the popularity of a website and page based on the number of pages linking to them. In addition, this shows metrics such as authority, spam, and trust.  

Link Signals

  Link signals are used by search engines and are critical to understanding. Although we may never fully understand the algorithms, we do know that link-building efforts weigh an important role.   Anchor Text – This is one of the strongest singles to the engines used in rankings. If many websites point to a single location using the appropriate keywords, the probability for ranking increases.  

Global Link Popularity

-The more important and popular a website is, the more links from that website make a difference. This is especially true for search engines. The more powerful websites that have earned trust and authority from the search engines help a great deal.  

Link Neighborhood

  – It is important where the links are coming from. Spam detection and information retrieval can affect the ranking of a website. Therefore, choose carefully the sites that one links to and be equally careful the sites attempting to obtain links from.  

Local/Topic-Specific Link Popularity

  – First pioneered by the Teoma search engine, the concept of “local” popularity was born. This suggests using links from specific communities more than off-topic related sites. For example, a real estate website will benefit more from a link off another real estate website.  

Link Trust Rank

  – Did you know that over 60% of websites are spam? In order to weed out the masses of unreliable web pages, search engines use a system to measure trust. Earning links from highly trusted domains can result in significant scoring metrics.  

Linking Basics


Editorial Link Accumulation

  – Links given naturally from websites that want to reference one’s content or company are considered editorial accumulation. These create citation-worthy material and the ability to develop awareness about similar communities.  

Manual Link Suggestions & Approvals

  – This includes emailing bloggers with links or submitting to directories. The Search Engine Optimization Specialist must create a value plan and complete the system manually. To elaborate further, this would mean filling out forms for submissions to a website-aware program.  

Self-Created Links & Non-Editorial Links

  – There are thousands of websites that offer opportunities to create links on guest signing, forum signatures, blog comments, or user profiles. These links can be low in value; however, in total can have a noteworthy impact.   Here we have explained link signal and link basics. It is important to create significant links back to websites that do not spam and offer relevancy. The links obtain on higher page ranks, which show to be more trustworthy are very valuable. When it comes to search engines, the right type of links can increase the visibility of the user’s queries.  
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