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Digital Internet Marketing Strategies – Part 1

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Quite simply, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of driving website traffic to your website from “organic” (non-paid listings on the results page) search engine results like Google, Bing, etc.

Having a SEO strategy to generate leads & capturing future clients for your business online is essential when it comes to being indexed on the major search engines. Recent studies have indicated that 86% of all consumers, including your potential clients still rely on the 1st page results of Google/ Bing/ Yahoo for reference in their buying cycle to determine credibility & confidence moving forward.

And if you are not pursuing an aggressive SEO campaign to capture more new clients, sleep tight knowing that your competition is. Recent studies have shown that 83% more businesses have injected money into SEO strategies since 2012. The reason is simple…IT WORKS!!!

It is the most effective venue for instant information on the largest marketing platform in history! Nothing even comes close….

GOOGLE alone processes 3.5 Billion Searches per Day!!!

And it is crucial to standout locally. More people than ever are doing local searches for products and services for two reasons…it’s all about time & convenience.  A strong local SEO presence puts you in front of people that are looking to do something TODAY!

Even though SEO is an important part of any online marketing approach, many small businesses often pass over this important step due to the fact that they think “There is no way to outrank the big box stores”… or they have no idea how you can start. Never realizing there are techniques that will help you dominate local searches.

By maximizing your business presence online, providing potential new clients with well written & up to date content, subscriptions to newsletters, promo codes, and exclusive membership to be notified early of store savings, contests, etc….you will build brand loyalty & drive leads beyond your imagination.

What follows is a digital blue print for any business to jumpstart a SEO campaign that will increase your business traffic & profits by at least 20% when properly applied…. Including how to compete against your competitors, big & small!